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James Bond 007 PDF ebook download The Doug Moench/Paul Gulacy team had an acclaimed run on Marvel’s often Bond-like MASTER OF KUNG FU series. They should, then, be a perfect choice for a Bond mini-series.

Gulacy’s art is, in fact, a very good fit for the material. Gulacy utilizes a fine line, with great detail and shading, that gives the book a classic adventure strip feel.

Then, we have Moench’s story. Basically, it concerns a serpent-like villain (He has “a rare blood disorder which mimics cold-bloodedness”) who wishes to flood much of the earth, leaving what remains as an “Eden” that he can rule. You may note a similarity here to the plots of two Roger Moore Bond films, THE SPY WHO LOVED ME and MOONRAKER. Moench’s approach is more serious and less tongue-in-cheek, but otherwise, his Bond is definitely the movie Bond, with his constant supply of slick gadgets and one-liners.

That’s all well and good, but even for Moore-era Bond, the story is pretty over-the-top, with the villains’ plot encompassing elements of human and dinosaur cloning (shades of JURASSIC PARK!), genetic manipulation and UFOs, of all things! Furthermore, the villain’s “Eden” turns out to be a tropical paradise under a dome that’s equipped with tank-like wheels, allowing it to move under the sea. Ultimately, it was all just a little too much, and the conclusion proved both inevitable and perfunctory.

It’s a big disappointment, given Moench’s track record with previous spy-related stuff…and also a bit of a head scratcher. The book was published in 1992, between the Dalton and Brosnan incarnations of Bond. Why go with a heavy sci-fi approach and a nod back to the Roger Moore era, which is hardly beloved by most fans? I’ll confess that I don’t get it.

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