The Grey Lady (Gatineau Hills Mystery Book 2)

PDF-file by Nadine Doolittle

The Grey Lady (Gatineau Hills Mystery Book 2) PDF ebook download A driving rainstorm. A remote country home. And one killer. Secrets, lies and hidden hates surface at a gathering of eight to celebrate Malcolm Driver—bestselling author, spiritual leader and former member of a commune where a young pregnant girl was drowned.

Now a successful publisher of a counter-culture magazine, Hester Warnock is among the invited. After a 35 year absence, Malcolm's former lover returns to the scene of the crime carrying a terrible secret of her own.

Set in the wilds of Quebec, THE GREY LADY is a psychological thriller which explores the power play between men and women and asks whether crimes of passion can ever be excused.

eBook The Grey Lady (Gatineau Hills Mystery Book 2)

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