Torrid Literature Journal (Vol. XIII)

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Torrid Literature Journal (Vol. XIII) PDF ebook download TL Publishing Group kicks off the New Year with the release their third anniversary issue of the Torrid Literature Journal. A new year brings new beginnings and through Volume XIII Deja Vu, quite a few new voices make their appearance on the scene of literature. A few familiar voices also make a return.

Altogether, Volume XIII Deja Vu is packed with engaging and thought-provoking literary material that will lock readers in for an interesting journey. One of the highlights of this issue is Jacob Erin-Cilberto's review of Gwendolyn Jensen's poetry book As If Toward Beauty. Readers will enjoy how Erin-Cilberto pulls Jensen's poetry apart and discusses the intimate and familiar structure of her poems as they relate to general life.

What's more, life itself is a journey and it's never complete without a map to help guide the travelers. This is where the role of a writer comes in. They have the innate ability to navigate the senses. Only a writer can map the vast landscapes of life in a way that communicates a true understanding of the power of the written word.

Fine literature like this only gets stronger with time because the affects never wear off. These poems and stories will be just as relevant today as they will be several years from now. Their ability to inspire, encourage, and entertain readers will never grow old. Moreover, there is no better way to start the year off than by discovering what the writers in this issue have to say. With over 25 different pieces of literature, Volume XIII Deja Vu has a diverse collection of material that will cater to a variety of tastes.

TL Publishing Group is just getting started and the route ahead looks promising. Writers, readers, and general supporters of literature don't want to miss out on this literary journey. Contributors: Jacob Erin-Cilberto; Dean K Miller; William Miller; Emily Strauss; William Doreski; Yinka Reed-Nolan; Nikki Johnson; Sarah Weiler; Dylan Wilson; Philip Jackey; Susan Martin; Chris Farrell; Jean Ann Owens; Monica Lynn Moraca; Marchell Dyon Jefferson; Paul Weidknecht; Amy S. Pacini; Owen Vince; Richard Hartwell; Tyler Pufpaff; Kobina Wright; Athar C. Pavis; B. Diehl; A.J. Huffman; John Repp; Holly Day; Justin Rose; April Salzano; Grant Fetters; Justin Rose; Alex Hallwyler; Danuta Blaszak"

eBook Torrid Literature Journal (Vol. XIII)

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