The Maine Man

PDF-file by Ellen James

The Maine Man PDF ebook download What have you resolved to do by the year 2000?

Ten years ago - in their wild college days - Meg Danley and her two best friends made a vow that they'd all be married and settled by the time the millennium rolled around.

Meg is settled. She has everything she needs - a great apartment, an exciting career. Or so she thinks - until her friends arrive on her doorstep determined to fulfill the vow. A serious manhunt is what they're proposing. Then they spot Jack Elliott - the attractive single man who's come to visit his mother - and declare him perfect for Meg.

Even the fact that Jack plans to return to his life in Maine doesn't discourage them. And suddenly Meg's no longer arguing. Suddenly a wedding by 2000 - with Jack as the bridegroom - is a definite possibility.

eBook The Maine Man

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