Literacy Coach's Handbook, Second Edition

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Literacy Coach's Handbook, Second Edition PDF ebook download This bestselling book gives preservice and practicing literacy coaches the tools they need to build a successful schoolwide reading program. The authors, well-known experts in the field, describe the literacy coach's crucial, evolving role in today's schools. They offer step-by-step guidelines for implementing curricula and assessments, selecting instructional materials, and planning for differentiation and intervention. Specific ways to support teachers by providing high-quality professional development are discussed. The book is grounded in state-of-the-art research on PreK-5 instruction and the characteristics of effective coaches.
New to This Edition
*Incorporates the latest research and instructional materials.
*Expanded grade range now includes PreK and grades 4-5.
*Content on RTI and the Common Core standards is woven throughout.
*Strategies for making professional development more responsive to teachers' needs.
See also "The Literacy Coaching Challenge," which guides more experienced coaches in choosing among different coaching models and addresses typical issues of implementation.

eBook Literacy Coach's Handbook, Second Edition

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