Special Teaching for Special Children?

PDF-file by Ann Lewis

Special Teaching for Special Children? PDF ebook download This book addresses this question, looking at pupilsOCO special learning needs including low attainment, learning difficulties, language difficulties, emotional and behavioural problems and sensory needs. Some special needs groups (for example dyslexia) have argued strongly for the need for particular specialist approaches. In contrast, many proponents of inclusion have argued that OCygood teaching is good teaching for allOCO and that all children benefit from similar approaches. Both positions fail to scrutinise this issue rigorously and coherently, and it is this aspect which distinguishes this book. Leading researchers in each special needs field defend and critique a conceptual analysis of teaching strategies used with particular learner groups with special educational needs. Summaries by the editors after each chapter link pedagogic strategies, knowledge and curriculum to key points from the chapter and pave the way for discussion. This book is indispensable reading for students, policy makers, researchers and professionals in the field of special educational needs and inclusion."

eBook Special Teaching for Special Children?

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