The Walking Dead, Vol. 20

PDF-file by Robert Kirkman

The Walking Dead, Vol. 20 PDF ebook download The library finally got a copy of The Walking Dead, Volume 20:All Out War Part 1 in stock.Was it worth the wait?

In a word:No!

First, take a look at the title.It says Part 1.Which means nothing much gets resolved and Kirkman is playing the old dithering, meandering game.The one where nothing happens.The plot just spins around on its axis. It’s the same game I play with my wife when she asks me to do some sort of "important" chore around the house.

Wife:Honey, could you please do (insert any mind numbing chore you can think of here)?

Me:I’ll get right on it.

I take a look at what needs to be done.I grab something to eat.Take a nap.Get up from my nap and play Skyrim.

As I’m playing Skyrim, my wife interrupts the game:

Wife (with a little more insistence):Have you done (mind-numbing-waste-of-time-chore) yet?

Me:I’ll have it done soon

Wife (skeptical):Of course you will.I need it done today.

Me:On it.

I again take a look at what needs to be done and play another half hour of Skyrim.My son comes into the room; we make lunch and play Soul Calibur.Unless I play Voldo and my son plays the worst character in the game, I get my ass handed to me.Weary from all this, I take a nap.

My wife shakes me awake and asks if I’m done with the (insert expletive, expletive chore here).

She’s angry, but not to the breaking point yet.I go into the kitchen and look for something to eat.She follows me into the kitchen and has that look in her eyes.The one which says she’s about to weaponize whatever’s in her reach, like the dude from The Eiger Sanction.I get scared (just like Rick in this very volume) and acquiesce and do the (insert name of god-forsaken chore here).

Yeah, The Walking Dead is like that.Spin those plot wheels, baby!Plus, Kirkman has killed off the only interesting element he’s added recently – (view spoiler)