Curves for the Werewolf

PDF-file by Cassie Laurent

Curves for the Werewolf PDF ebook download Maggie is soaking wet, walking home through the rain after a night out with her friends. She decides to take a shortcut through Central Park, but is stopped by three men who start to harass her. A mysterious creature attacks the men, allowing her to run free, escaping into the subway.

Now there's a strange handsome man on the train watching her every move, but why would he be interested in a curvy girl like her? He follows her off at her stop and kidnaps her, taking her into his lair where he shares a terrifying secret: he's a werewolf and has picked her to be his mate. Her body is teeming with desire, but can she give her heart to this mysterious man, this mystical beast? Does she really have a choice?

Warning: This 4,000+ word story contains scenes of graphic language, a curvaceous bbw girl, rough sex, and explicit descriptions of sexual activity between a plus size girl and a sexy werewolf alpha. Intended Only for Mature Audiences 18+.

eBook Curves for the Werewolf

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