Using Critical Theory

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Using Critical Theory PDF ebook download Explaining both why theory is important and how to use it, Lois Tyson introduces beginning students of literature to this often daunting area in a friendly and approachable style. The new edition of this textbook is clearly structured with chapters based on major theories that students are expected to cover in their studies.

Key features include:

coverage of major theories including psychoanalysis, Marxism, feminism, lesbian/gay/queer theories, postcolonial theory, African American theory, and a new chapter on New Criticism (formalism)

practical demonstrations of how to use these theories on short literary works selected from canonical authors including William Faulkner and Alice Walker

a new chapter on reader-response theory that shows students how to use their personal responses to literature while avoiding typical pitfalls

new sections on cultural criticism for each chapter

new further practice and further reading sections for each chapter

a useful "next step" appendix that suggests additional literary titles for extra practice.

Comprehensive, easy to use, and fully updated throughout, Using Critical Theory is the ideal first step for students beginning degrees in literature, composition and cultural studies.

eBook Using Critical Theory

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