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Cocked & Fully Loaded PDF ebook download Gunmetal Blue by G. R. Bretz:
Meet Blue-an ex-Confederate cavalry officer living off his wits and his guns in Reconstruction era Texas-and Sally-a young woman stuck in a loveless marriage to a man who only married her for her family name. When Sally's stage is attacked by robbers, Blue comes to her rescue. Together, they make their way across the Lone Star state. But when they reach a crossroads, the direction they choose will change the course of their lives forever.
Outlaw by Rie McGaha:
Colt has a bullet in his thigh and his face on a wanted poster, but when he rode into the mountains to lay low for a while, he never expected to see a lone woman swimming naked in the river. Hidden in the tree line, he watches her and as desire grows, he takes matters into his own hands, but even that doesn't assuage his need to touch her.
Cynthia hasn't seen her husband in several months since he left her alone to go into town for supplies, but the man she wakes up to find lying on top of her with his hand over her mouth isn't the man she married. He demands she feed him and suggests if she doesn't, he won't have a problem taking what he really wants whether she consents or not.
As Colt watches her make biscuits and gravy, he finds he isn't just enticed by her body, something about her appeals to him on a deeper level and as the two come to know one another, it's apparent the attraction isn't one-sided.
Tengo Una Pistola by Bryl R. Tyne:
After ten days in the saddle, Chuck just wants a hot meal and hotter bath water. He knows exactly where to find both too — at home, with his lover, Mitch. But what Chuck finds instead is that Mitch has taken in Carmen, one of the town whores . . . and not only is she sharing Mitch's bed, she's using Chuck's tub. The situation irks Chuck to no end, but not as badly as the images of those wet and soapy feminine thighs that are stuck in his craw and driving him crazy. What the hell is going on? As far as Chuck's concerned, somebody had better start talking and talking soon
Special Content Alert: M/M (one story)
From Gunmetal Blue, by G. R. Bretz:
"Did you lose something?"
He turned his head and saw her sitting on a blanket next to the campfire. He smiled, having solved the mystery of the disappearing pants. "Would that it was the greatest thing I had ever lost."
She giggled and tossed her head back. Her strawberry blonde curls sparkled in the setting sun. She stuck her tongue out and ran it slowly across her upper lip. "Sit down with me. We'll talk about the first thing that pops up." She turned her head and stared at his crotch, quite deliberately, quite intently. "Oh, I see something has already popped up."
His face grew hot and he did his best to keep his private parts private, devoting both hands to the effort. But there she was, sitting on the blanket with her lips shimmering and her tits spilling out the top of her dress. Two hands would only cover so much. He needed a saddle bag.
"You don't have to do this."
"Yes I do," she said. "I really need to do this."
Southern gentlemen are raised to be chivalrous, but chivalry had its limits. A sensible man did not decline a blow job. It had been a long time since his last one and, as he recalled, she hadn't been all that good at it. Sally struck him as a woman who probably was.
He sat down beside her, being careful to keep his hands over his cock, for all the good that was doing. He was still a bit embarrassed to be stark naked in front of a fully dressed woman. A turning of the tables. A definite first.
"Don't be shy." She pushed his hands aside. "Oh my God, you're big as a mule."
He couldn't help himself. He laughed so hard his sides hurt. "And damned near as smart."

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