My Mr. Rochester 5 (Jane Eyre Retold, #5)

PDF-file by L.K. Rigel

My Mr. Rochester 5 (Jane Eyre Retold, #5) PDF ebook download The classic Gothic tale set in a future dystopian society, retold in 5 volumes.

Episode 5: After Mr. Rochester's ghastly betrayal, Jane flees Thornfield and finds a home, career, family, and independence she's always wanted. But when a handsome and righteous young man offers Jane a respectable but loveless marriage, she can't forget her connection to her former master.

Jane's dreams of Rochester invade her waking hours and drive her back to Thornfield where she finds more than the Hall in ruins. To reclaim the man she loves, she'll have to risk all the gains she's fought so hard to win.

eBook My Mr. Rochester 5 (Jane Eyre Retold, #5)

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