The Fugitive Heart (Heart's True Desire Series #1)

PDF-file by Jane Orcutt

The Fugitive Heart (Heart's True Desire Series #1) PDF ebook download "…a memorable…masterful tale! You won’t want to
miss a page!”—The Literary Times

“4 stars. Troubled heroes are nothing new in romantic fiction, but Ms. Orcutt has elevated this archetype to a new level of excellence.… Add vivid description to a fast-moving plot and read until done.” —Romantic Times

Samantha Martin
Growing up on the Kansas prairie, Samantha Martin had two desires: to love God and to marry her childhood sweetheart. But the War between the States took nearly everything: her family, her home, and Nathan, her
love. When he returns six years later, she is shocked to discover he’s no longer the gentle boy she adored. Instead, Nathan Hamilton is a physically and emotionally scarred man on the run, dodging charges of theft…and murder.

Nathan Hamilton
Long ago, Nathan dreamed of seeing the world, becoming a doctor, and making Samantha his bride. But instead of adventure, he encountered tragedy and made choices that ravaged his life. Now Nathan seeks peace and freedom in Samantha’s arms—while she strives to lead him into the embrace of the only One who can provide true refuge for his Fugitive Heart.

eBook The Fugitive Heart (Heart's True Desire Series #1)

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