Shot Through the Heart (The Cowboy Gangster Book 1)

PDF-file by C.J. Bishop

Shot Through the Heart (The Cowboy Gangster Book 1) PDF ebook download Clint “The Cowboy” Maddox is a force to be reckoned with. Enforcer for the Sanitini family, the cowboy has known only violence, pain and death. But for a select few he calls “brothers”, Clint feels no love for mankind and believes that “an eye for an eye” is the only true means of retribution. ‘Let the punishment fit the crime’ is his philosophy when dealing with his enemies.

But upon meeting Axel Anders, a frightened and lost young man with a stained soul of his own, Clint’s hard-as-steel exterior begins to crack as he finds himself intrigued by the effect this vulnerable “kid” has on him. Yet when Axel’s presence begins to disturb the ground beneath which Clint’s darkest, most painful memories have lain dormant for over two decades, he begins to understand that the young man poses a greater threat than any flesh and blood enemy –and knows he must put the kid out of his life, or face a resurrected past that he believed to be dead and buried.

But walking away from Axel and not looking back –proves to be a much greater challenge than he is prepared for.

eBook Shot Through the Heart (The Cowboy Gangster Book 1)

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