THE RIVER RUNS RED (Jess Williams, #7)

PDF-file by Robert J. Thomas

THE RIVER RUNS RED (Jess Williams, #7) PDF ebook download Jess is on the hunt for two men wanted for murder when he runs into a crooked sheriff in a little Texas town. Jess finds himself locked up in jail and all of his weapons confiscated by Sheriff Hatfield, including his very unique pistol and holster. To make matters even worse, Sheriff Hatfield plans on having Jess swinging from a hangman's noose soon.

Moments before Jess is supposed to hang, he is rescued by United States Marshal Frank Reedy who has other plans for Jess and his unique set of killing skills.

After Jess finishes with his revenge on Sheriff Hatfield and his two deputies, Marshal Reedy informs Jess that their good friend, John Bodine, is locked up in a little Mexican jail and being guarded by General Zoreles and his army of men.

Jess finds out that he has to go into Mexico all by himself to break John Bodine out of the jail before General Zoreles has him executed by a Mexican firing squad.

The battle that ensues at the Rio Grande River turns into a hellish bloodbath, with Jess taking on General Zoreles and his army as he brings another unique gun to the battle.

eBook THE RIVER RUNS RED (Jess Williams, #7)

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