Stefan's Wicked Ways

PDF-file by Ava McKnight

Stefan's Wicked Ways PDF ebook download Billionaire British bad boy Stefan Van Halderon is a confirmed bachelor who likes the thrill of the chase. But when he sees former lover Anna DeVane at his best friend’s wedding, Stefan is instantly ensnared. Winning over smart and sexy Anna is a challenge, since Stefan once cheated on her. Yet with Anna’s job as a famous gossip columnist on the line because of budget cuts at the American magazine that employs her, Stefan sees a prime opportunity to help her make a strategic career move—while working his way back into her good graces.

Resisting Stefan has never been easy for Anna. The fire still burns bright between them, despite their sordid past. When Anna accidentally buys a date with Stefan at a bachelor auction, she’s lured by his wicked ways once more, and soon caves into temptation. But when aftermath complications with the auction threaten to wreak havoc on her new business venture, Anna refuses Stefan’s help, driving a wedge between them.

Can two independent people with vastly different backgrounds, living on different continents, find common ground long enough to see they’re meant for each other?

eBook Stefan's Wicked Ways

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