Marlboro Township

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Marlboro Township PDF ebook download The history of Marlboro Township is both fascinating and diverse, including topics as varied as some of the first airplanes, a landmark greenhouse, and the once booming local potato industry. This collection includes many scenes and reminders of Marlboro's textured past and a timely look into its bright future. Marlboro Township presents a once-rural Monmouth County town on its way to modern suburbia. Among the many images collected for this volume are those that reveal Marlboro's successful agricultural past. The region was once the nation's largest grower of potatoes, while Marlboro had industrial
beginnings with a large tomato factory. The township also boasted the area's greatest greenhouse—a structure so large that it became part of an "aerial road map" for World War II aviators. Moreover, dramatic aerial views capture Marlboro's aviation history, from the first private owners of a Wright Brothers' plane to a post-World War II airport built solely through personal initiative. This book presents the well-known and the lesser-known places, people, and events that make up the broad perspective of Marlboro's story.

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