The Best of Round the Horne

PDF-file by Barry Took

The Best of Round the Horne PDF ebook download I bought this book years ago, after hearing my parents talk about the radio show Round the Horne from the 1960's. I thought they were hilarious scripts, even though I'd never heard the shows. In fact whilst I was reading this the first time I bought some of the audio cassettes of the shows. I have read this book many times, many, many times and still find it funny. Favourites have to be Julian and Sandy, J Peasemold Gruntfuttock and Rambling Sid Rumpo.

The writing by messers Took and Feldman is brilliant and, aside from the topical jokes from the time, still stands the test of time.Timeless humour from great writers.

eBook The Best of Round the Horne

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