The Resurrection Of Deacon Shader

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The Resurrection Of Deacon Shader PDF ebook download "The Resurrection of Deacon Shader" was the original story from which developed Prior's acclaimed SHADER series. It has since been replaced by SHADER Book 1, "Cadman's Gambit." The publisher recommends you only buy "The Resurrection of Deacon Shader" if you wish to see how the SHADER series developed from it. Otherwise, it is recommended that you start the series by reading "Cadman's Gambit." Plague strikes at the heart of Sarum and flesh-eating mawgs have been seen in the sewers. As Governor Gen struggles to save the populace, the Abbey of Pardes is attacked by an army of undead and a piece of the legendary Sun Stone is stolen from the Grey Abbot. The holy knight, Deacon Shader, is sent to the plague-city to retrieve it, but he is a man with conflicts of his own, and a destiny that will test his faith to the limits. If Shader should fail, the Sun Stone will fall into the hands of a being from the mists of pre-history who will harness its power to unweave all of Creation. "Rich and varied, touching, maddening, and addicting. Elegant, polished, and believable characters in an amazing world." Archelle Baker (eBook Alchemy) "Ever-widening in its scope - fearless in its telling. I cannot help but be reminded of Stephen King's The Dark Tower series, not just in the interweaving of time epochs and worlds but also in the author's sheer fearlessness. From earth to heaven to alternate worlds, the story is unrelenting in its incredible vision." David Dalglish (author of "The Half-Orcs" series) "Complex and intriguing; intelligent and engaging; descriptive enough to invoke all senses. The style is a nice mix—fast-paced and contemporary, yet with classical prose and imagery to satisfy those of us who love the 'old masters'." C.S. Marks (author of "Elfhunter")

eBook The Resurrection Of Deacon Shader

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