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The Stranger Box PDF ebook download Alienation, revenge, and redemption are the themes of The Stranger Box, amoving saga of a mother and daughter caught like two white dwarf stars in separate orbits, destined to collide.The daughter, Eden, born to a young actress, is abandoned to the care of her maternal grandmother and then adopted at an early age when the grandmother dies.As the story opens Eden is in her mid-teens, living in New York City with her dysfunctional adoptive family, the Denglers.Carolyn Dengler is depressive and beleagured.Robert is pompous, defensive, exploitative and ineffective.Their daughter is aspoiled daytime actress. Eden’s vain and self-obsessed birth mother has assumed the name Katherine Blair and wants no one to learn of her early indiscretion or Eden’s existence.

Not knowing who her parents were, Eden seeks solace outside of the dysfunctional Dengler family. In the role of housekeeper, a voodoo priestess adept at the art of both white and black magic becomes her first role model and beloved mentor.Later, Min Tan, a Buddhist and Chinese herbalist, becomes the sage who seeks to look after Eden’s soul.

Neither can save her when she is forced to run to avoid Social Services.She takes shelter in a community of society’s outcasts who dwell in the tunnels beneath New York’s Grand Central Station.The community’s feared leader, the Dark Angel, dubs Eden his Queen Lilith and insists she recognize him as the Son of Satan.

Determined and resilient, Eden traverses a maze of threatening events, confronting both good and evil, until she finally discovers the identity of her birth mother, and schemes to take back the family that was denied her.

Among the many early readers of the book was R.W. Goodwin, Executive Producer of The X-Files.He reflected the opinion of many when he said, “The Stranger Box is a real page-turner.Eden is right. Trust no one.”

The tension between good and evil is reminiscent of Patricia Highsmith’s Ripley series.The portrayal of the consequences of intense negative emotion on the outcome of a family drama is suggestive of Ian McEwan’s Atonement. Eden’s resilience, and her ability to emerge as a strong and resourceful adult inspite of a disastrous childhood brings to mind Stieg Larsson’s Lisbeth Salander.

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