The Plight of Monaghan Protestants, 1912-26

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The Plight of Monaghan Protestants, 1912-26 PDF ebook download An exploration of the history of the Protestants of County Monaghan during the revolutionary period, 1912-26. In 1912, the protestant community of Monaghan was firmly Unionist and aligned with the wider Unionist organization in Ulster preparing to defeat Home Rule. That was the year Unionist sentiment in the country ran highest with 5000 Managhan males signing the solemn League and Covenant and almost 1200 joining the Ulster Volunteer Force. By 1926, Unionist organization in the country was obselete. This book examines the reasons for this decline in Unionist organization focusing upon the effect that World War I, the Partition crisis and the revolutionary period, 1919-23 had upon the Protestant community. it highlights, for example, how the War of Independence was to be the last, but most bitter, manifestation of hostility between the Unionist and Nationalist neighbours.

eBook The Plight of Monaghan Protestants, 1912-26

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