Afghanistan, Pakistan and Strategic Change

PDF-file by Joachim Krause

Afghanistan, Pakistan and Strategic Change PDF ebook download The region encompassing Afghanistan and Pakistan (Af/Pak region) is undergoing a fundamental strategic change. This book analyses the nature of this strategic change, in ordre to seek possible future scenarios and to examine policy options. It also undertakes a critical review of the basic elements of the Western strategic approach towards dealing with regional conflicts in all parts of the world, with special emphasis on the Af/Pak region.
Dealing with the political developments i one of the most volatile regions in the world Afghanistan and Pakistan the volume focuses on Western strategic concerns. The withdrawal of ISAF by 2014 will change the overall political setting and the work addresses the challenges that will result for Western policymakers thereafter. It examines the cases of Afghanistan and Pakistan separately, and also looks at the broader region and tries to identify different outcomes.

This book will be of much interest to students of Central and South Asian politics, strategic studies, foreign policy and security studies generally.

eBook Afghanistan, Pakistan and Strategic Change

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