I, Immortal (I, Immortal, #1)

PDF-file by Melissa J. Rutter

I, Immortal (I, Immortal, #1) PDF ebook download Would you know one if you passed them on the street? They could be your neighbour, your friend or colleague and you wouldn’t know. They look like us, love like us and even have children like us, but they don’t age and they’ll never die, imagine the possibilities.

Amelia, Peter and their children have to run again, they have to leave their home and their lives because he has found them.Searching for them for over sixty years Cornelius, the leader of the Fallen army will not allow the fact that his wings have been clipped get in the way of tracking them down. He wants her, to him she is like a drug and he can't let her go.

Abandoned by her birth mother in the cruel winter of 1659, Amelia is raised by nuns and never completely felt normal. With no answers to her past, she leaves to find them herself, travelling the world as a young woman alone gets you noticed and always for the wrong reasons. It seemed better to hide away, now she wonders if the world will ever be a safe place for her and her family.

eBook I, Immortal (I, Immortal, #1)

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