On the Tidings of Time

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On the Tidings of Time PDF ebook download On the Tidings of Time is the latest collection of poems by the celebrated German poet, novelist, and opera librettist Ralph G?nther Mohnnau, Exclusively on the subject of Time, these poems run the gamut from those inspired by the Zen philosophers of old to wry observations on the field of science to those that strike close to the heart. As the poet himself approaches the twilight on the horizon and experiences the ebb of time and tide, his poems reflect the past that shackles us, the present that consumes us, as well as the future that beckons. Published here for the first time in a bi-lingual edition, each of the poems in English is accompanied by the original German on the facing page, translated by Mohnnau's longtime English interpreter Christopher Martin, who is responsible for the companion collection, Sowing Nightshade in the Wastelands of Cities, also available from Trafford.

eBook On the Tidings of Time

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