Tahara Boy Mystic of India

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Tahara Boy Mystic of India PDF ebook download Harold Morrow Sherman (1898-1987) was world renowned in the field of psychic research, and conducted experiments with such prominent persons as well-known Arctic explorer Sir Hubert Wilkins, ESP pioneer Dr. J.B. Rhine of Duke University, astronaut Edgar Mitchell, and many others. Apart from his research into mental telepathy and the mysteries of the mind, Sherman's lifelong writing career encompassed best-selling books on a variety of subjects ranging from sports stories for boys to books on self-help and the afterlife. He also wrote plays, several of which were produced on Broadway, and co-wrote the screenplay for several Hollywood films. For decades Sherman was a popular New Thought lecturer, and in later years hosted annual ESP workshops that drew such guests as Uri Geller, Arthur Ford, Gloria Swanson and many other big names. Not among the least of his accomplishments were his activities for the betterment of Stone County in Arkansas, his adopted state.

eBook Tahara Boy Mystic of India

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