Fighting Dirty (Dirty, #4)

PDF-file by Cheryl McIntyre

Fighting Dirty (Dirty, #4) PDF ebook download I wake up to a warm body draped along my side. I smile as the foreign feeling of happiness radiates in my chest.

Everything comes rushing back as Rocky’s scent fills my senses.

Not Olivia’s.

My happiness bursts like a broken dam. Not because Olivia isn’t here. But because as I realized it was Rocky’s body against me, I still felt satisfied. Because I didn’t feel the misery of Livie’s loss.

Because all I can feel now is shame. My first instinct wasn’t to miss Liv. It was to enjoy Rocky.

Link and Rocky's story continues in this fourth installment of the Dirty novella series.

*This is part four in a five-part novella series.
**Due to sexual situations and violence, this series is recommended for 18+.

eBook Fighting Dirty (Dirty, #4)

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