Mari's Men (Lovers of Alpha Squad #1)

PDF-file by Stormy Glenn

Mari's Men (Lovers of Alpha Squad #1) PDF ebook download Life has never gone the way Mari wanted. She hasn't had a date in forever, her job is heading nowhere, and she can't get in touch with her sister. To make matters even more perfect, she has just been kidnapped by Russian mobsters while hiking in the mountains.
Being rescued by not one but two gorgeous men just makes the top of Mari's my life sucks list. They are both totally gorgeous, totally sexy, and totally into her. How is she supposed to choose between them?

But twins Cole and Bear Daniels have the perfect solution. She can have them both. They are telepathic in a way not many are. Not only can they talk to each other mentally, they can physically feel what the other is feeling. Because of this, they always know that they will share a mate.

Now if they can only convince Mari she is the perfect woman for them both. But convincing Mari they both want her and are willing to share is harder than Cole and Bear thought it would be, especially when someone is out to kill Mari and they have no idea who.

eBook Mari's Men (Lovers of Alpha Squad #1)

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