Picture Perfect

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Picture Perfect PDF ebook download The Art Of Deception Adam Haines was an artist visiting the Fairchild mansion to do some undercover digging, which was a problem for a man who preferred to be straightforward. An even bigger problem was Kirby Fairchild, daughter of the world famous painter he'd been sent to investigate. Her innocence made her the most fascinating woman he'd ever encountered.

However, Kirby had a disconcertingly fluid sense of right and wrong - one completely at odds with Adam's own code of ethics. Adam just wished he wasn't wrapped quite so tightly around her little finger...

Sullivan's Woman

Fired from yet another job, Cassidy St John hardly expected the solution to her difficulties to come looming out of the fog on Fisherman's Wharf. However, the darkly handsome Colin Sullivan seemed the answer to any maiden's prayers.

When Colin offered Cassidy a job modelling for one of his paintings, it seemed her troubles were over - but one look at his blue eyes and Cassidy knew they were just beginning…

How could she hide from the pitiless honesty of Colin's artistic vision when with every stroke of his brush he exposed her love for him?

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