Glenapp Castle

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Glenapp Castle PDF ebook download "Just outside the wee village of Ballantrae, Scotland, lies Glenapp Castle, an abandoned manor with a tragic and mysterious past. When Eva and Andrew Campbell buy the fire-ravaged castle and its thirty-acre estate on a whim with plans to create an exquisite hotel by the sea, they dismiss warnings of ghostly spirits inhabiting their new home. It soon becomes clear there is indeed something mysterious within the walls of Glenapp Castle, something they cannot explain but that holds the key to age-old rivalries and long-held secrets…and murder.

Glenapp Castle is an enthralling tale of intrigue and suspense. Set against the stunning backdrop of Scotland’s craggy southwestern coast, this is a story of a love lost and found, a truth kept and revealed, and a house long forgotten but suddenly brought back to life."

eBook Glenapp Castle

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