La Resurrection De Mozart

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La Resurrection De Mozart PDF ebook download La Resurrection de Mozart by Nina Berberova

I have read this tiny book in about 30 minutes, this morning, in the…sauna. Almost every week day, I spend about one hour at about 70 degrees Celsius. I take breaks, but while in the sauna, I take a book with me
Since this book is only 64 small pages long, it tempted me to use it in the blistering heat. The idea is interesting: a few people talk about resurrecting the dead…each has a suggestion: one wants to see Napoleon alive again, another is keen on Tolstoy- who had said that there would be no more wars-well, two world wars contradict that. Maria wants to see, or perhaps better said hear Mozart alive again. And in the French countryside, affected by war in 1949, a man comes to visit her.

He is a strange apparition, and the title (if little else) suggests that this is Mozart. It kept me going, albeit for a short time, but under unusual circumstances…

It made me want to read other books by Nina Berberova .

Final word: even if I am not sure that the visitor was Mozart and if it has any bearing, the book is very good, if very short.

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