Ascent to the Tribes

PDF-file by Isobel Kuhn

Ascent to the Tribes PDF ebook download When the communists closed the door to missionary work in China, a crisis faced the China Inland Mission. What should it do? China was its only field. One of the new fields was Thailand.Here a survey team found unreached tribes closely related to tribespeople in Southeast China. [This] book might be called a history of the CIM in North Thailand. But it is more than this. This is a stirring missionary document. Covers missionary work among the Yao the Lisu natives. With 2 appendices of progress reports & the Phayao Bible camp. Fascinating primary work on these very isolated hill tribes. Their culture, beliefs, and life style. With keen impressions of the tribes, her major efforts in 1952-53 and the challenge.

eBook Ascent to the Tribes

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