Equinox (The Soterians, #5)

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Equinox (The Soterians, #5) PDF ebook download Jacquelyn has worked as a professional writer since 1991. She has received numerous awards for her technical writing, but creative writing has always been her passion. After writing poetry, children's stories, and screenplays, Jacquelyn embarked on The Soterians, a series of five fantasy novels for young adults. You can read the first novel, Rising Shadow, for free on her web site (www.soterians.com), or purchase the paperback or Kindle versions of Rising Shadow and Merger on Amazon. As an advocate for volunteerism and service, Jacquelyn donates 20% of her royalties to the charities listed on her site.

In her spare time, Jacquelyn enjoys martial arts, triathlons, skiing, playing music, and volunteering. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and their daughter.

eBook Equinox (The Soterians, #5)

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