Avengers A.I., Vol. 1

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Avengers A.I., Vol. 1 PDF ebook download Ok, so this picks up the day after Age of Ultron....Hank Pym's solution to stop Ultron was brilliant, thanks to Logan via alternate Tony Stark giving a suggestion that helped give him just a nudge in the right direction.

Anyhow, in the aftermath, the solution becomes the new problem, a new AI self replicating. So, Hank pulls together the strongest AI on Earth, including Vision, Ultron's son Victor, a Doombot, and some randoms.

The new intelligence is called Dimitrios or something? Wears an Iron Man suit (the one with AI) and has a new VIrtual Reality world or community for AI. Vision has to choose between AI and the Humans, and must decide.

There's a new SHIELD officer in charge of Pym and his group, but not very interesting.

To be honest, other than Vision, Victor, Doombot and Pym, there's not a lot.

I read this last night, and all I know is that Doombot is hilarious "I am not compatible with hugging"

Victor has to figure out who he is, Hank has finally found something to occupy himself, but struggles with Bipolar....why doesn't he take meds? Probably his brain?
This is Vision's book really. I would love a Vision title. Maybe a buddy comedy with Doombot?

This is a touch better than I make it sound, but I worry it will focus on the new AI characters they introduce.

2.5+ish Stars?

If the art had been better, and the writer stronger, the concept is good.

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