Forgotten Horrors to the Nth Degree

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Forgotten Horrors to the Nth Degree PDF ebook download Michael H. Price and John Wooley continue their exploration of the Badlands of Grindhouse Cinema with "Forgotten Horrors to the Nth Degree" — an expanded compilation of their acclaimed "Forgotten Horrors" columns for FANGORIA magazine, and a continuation of the long-running FORGOTTEN HORRORS series of movie-history books, spanning from 1929 into times more recent. The Afterword is by artist and film theorist Stephen R. Bissette, who chronicles a wealth of chillers with origins in his native Vermont. The chapters include a comprehensive survey of the bizarre filmmaking career of Larry Buchanan (of "Mars Needs Women"), a sampling of Mike Price's long-out-of-print newspaper and New York Times News Service columns, a primary-source history of the Gore Film Trilogy of Herschell Gordon Lewis and David F. Friedman, and a study-in-depth of Leo Fong's career in martial-arts thrillers.

eBook Forgotten Horrors to the Nth Degree

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