The Patient

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The Patient PDF ebook download The Patient is a short tale, a quick read that you can start and finish over two cups of coffee - but it's a great little story, and an imaginative and excellent look at a sub-genre of Horror that so many people have tried to do justice, whether it's in novels, short stories, or movies.

This story begins and ends in the patient's head - we hear his thoughts, feel his sensations, experience his confusion. We're in his body, witnessing as two nurses administer to him, and we're there -in the thick (blood) of it- when the climax arrives. As the reader, we are where no cameras have ever been - behind the eyes of the man as he becomes the monster. It's a great read - paced perfectly, pulling the reader along until the point of no return, and proves that Angela is a great storyteller with an eye for tension and horror.

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eBook The Patient

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