Last Chance

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Last Chance PDF ebook download I woke up to the sun rising. I eased off of her and covered her back up. I knew she had to be at work this afternoon so I decided to make her breakfast, for once. She had taken such good care of me this weekend that it was my turn to repay her. Once I finished cooking, I made her a plate and set up everything on the coffee table in the living room. I slid under the blanket and back on top of her. I decided to go for the gusto. Trailing my fingertips over her lips, I replaced them with my lips. I kissed her slowly, nibbling on her bottom lip. She began to stir a bit. I slid my hand down her chest and under her shirt enjoying the feel of her toned stomach under my fingers. I began to massage and knead her body which caused her to part her lips enough for me to suck in her bottom lip and gently nibble on it. She groaned as she wrapped her arms around me, deepening the kiss. Her hands pulled me deeper into her. I could feel the heat beginning between my legs. Her tongue darted into my mouth. I moaned as I dug my nails into her shoulder. She trailed kisses down my jawline and onto my neck biting down gently as I sucked air in through my teeth. She gripped my ass pulling me up higher on her body. Letting go of my ass, she lifted my shirt and began sucking my nipple. I cried out her name as I felt my panties getting wet.

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