Cabin Fever

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Cabin Fever PDF ebook download Sometimes you need someone to teach you the things you already know. . . Becky Montgomery's husband was a real catch. And when he died two years ago, she buried her emotions—and her needs—with him, and buried herself in her job. Sailing aboard the cruise ship Alexandra's Dream for a weeklong vacation with her two children and a painfully exacting mother-in-law, Becky figures a Christmas holiday doesn't seem like the time to start dipping her toes into the sea of love. But when she finds a pendant that's supposed to bring her luck—and meets Dylan Langstaff, the ship's charismatic diving instructor—she may be ready to take the plunge. Dylan has charmed a lot of women in his time working aboard Alexandra's Dream, but there's something different about Becky. It's changing the way he wants to live. . . just the way something about him is changing the way she wants to love. . . .

eBook Cabin Fever

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