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Georg Baselitz PDF ebook download This beautifully designed catalogue, published to accompany the Winter 2007 exhibition of this important German neo-Expressionist's work at Nyehaus, New York, comes housed in a stunning monochrome cobalt-blue linen-bound clamshell box with the artist's name embossed upside down and inside out on the front cover. Inside is a Coptic-stitched monograph, exquisitely printed on lush paper, which features a selection of Baselitz's work from the 1960s and 70s—including oils on canvas, pastels, gouaches, and works in graphite, ink, crayon and other media. Designed by the prominent New York firm Helicopter, the book's cover typography conveys the characteristic disorientation that Baselitz's work induces when he inverts his work's subject matter in order to free up its content. Inside, texts are printed in both English and German, while the typefaces address Baselitz's struggle to reconcile his conservative German heritage with his contemporary sensibilities as an artist. Essay by Siegfreid Gohr, scholar and friend of the artist.

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