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"Patient Education, Second Edition, by Kate Lorig is essential reading for anyone wishing to enhance their skills and understanding of the art and science of effective patient education. No other resource so ably combines theory and research—all seasoned with a deep understanding of patient needs, organizational barriers, and outcome results. The result is a treasure trove of hands-on, practical, real-world tested strategies for patient empowerment and education. As no diabetic should be without education, no educator should be without this outstanding resource."

—David Sobel, M.D.

Regional Director of Patient Education and Health Promotion,

Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program

Patient education programs can change behaviors, improve health status, and greatly enhance the value-and cost-effectiveness-of any treatment. Patient Education, Second Edition, provides the health professional with a practical, step-by-step description of the process of conceptualizing, designing, implementing, and evaluating a successful patient education program. Discussions focus on conducting a needs assessment, developing and evaluating a program based upon that assessment, generating marketing strategies, and selecting or preparing patient education materials. In addition, Kate Lorig makes cogent recommendations on how to work effectively with culturally diverse populations, how to work with patients who are hard to help, and how to deal with problems of compliance. Health professionals will find this volume invaluable in developing health education programs and in helping meet the American Hospitals Association Patient Education Standards for accreditation. In addition, it is an effective text in patient education courses for nurses and other health professionals.

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