Self-Publishing for Profit

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Self-Publishing for Profit PDF ebook download Do you have a book in your head?

Statistics show that 81% of people have a story they want to write, but very few actually do it. For most, this is because they either don’t know how to enter the publishing process, or they feel their writing isn’t good enough. Self-Publishing for Profit was designed to help you overcome both of these fears by giving you detailed publishing guidance, while simultaneously helping you become a better writer.

Produced by veteran independent author and self-publisher Chris Kennedy, Self-Publishing for Profit details the plan he used to sell almost 40,000 copies of his books in his first year, after starting with nothing but a story. Not only will readers learn how to produce ebooks, but also print books, audio books, and more!

Self-Publishing for Profit is the first book that gives authors all of the tips required for success. It not only shows how to design business and marketing plans that will help them be successful in the short term, but also how to improve their writing skills for long term success. It does so without requiring large outlays of cash, giving new authors a two-pronged strategy for success that anyone can follow.

It’s time to get your book into the stores!

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