The Annals of Almack's

PDF-file by E. Beresford Chancellor

The Annals of Almack's PDF ebook download "The seventh heaven of the fashionable world," Almack's was THE place for fashionable Regency London to see and be seen. If you were fortunate enough to be admitted to this exclusive assembly room, you danced and gossiped under the watchful eye of the lady patronesses. This 1922 volume details the facts and fictions of the legendary social club that figured prominently in the novels of Georgette Heyer and still excites the imagination of Jane Austen fans.

"If once to Almack's you belong,
Like monarchs, you can do no wrong;
But banished thence on Wednesday night,
By Jove, you can do nothing right."

eBook The Annals of Almack's

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