A Pocket Guide to the Big Island

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A Pocket Guide to the Big Island PDF ebook download The island of Hawaii, locally known as the Big Island, vibrates with the primal roar of creation as the active volcano Mauna Loa spews rivers of magma toward the sea. From the snow-topped peaks of Mauna Kea (the "white mountain"), to the austere desert plains of Ka'u, the Big Island is alive with nature's passion.

From the Hawaiian-style Wild West of paniolo country in upland Waimea to old Hilo-town's flower vendors and "mom 'n pop" stores, to the grand hotels of the Kona and Kohala coasts, this is an island of spectacular beauty and cultural diversity.

A Pocket Guide to the Big Island leads you through this fantastic place. Included is valuable information to help you find the safest swimming spots, the most popular attractions, and the finest views on the island. The beautiful color photos make unfamiliar areas easily recognizable.

About the Author

Curt Sanburn grew up in Hawaii before graduating from Yale University in 1978, and helped shape several books in the "A Day in the Life of..." series, as well as other major coffee table books. More recently he has contributed articles to Honolulu Weekly, and now divides his time between San Francisco and Hawaii.

eBook A Pocket Guide to the Big Island

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