The Power

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The Power PDF ebook download Adolph Hitler dictated his final political testament on April 29, 1945, the day before he would commit suicide. This document is now well known to current historians; however, it was not the only testament that he would dictate that day. Known to only a select few in Hitler's inner circle, this second document would serve as a sacred guide for a covert Neo-Nazi organization. This group would follow Hitler's wishes, staying underground for decades while preparing for the uprising prophesied by Hitler, fulfilling his ultimate plan. Shannon Dinardo has been grieving. Her fiancée was killed a few weeks ago and she has not been able to deal with the real world for a while. So when she notices a stack of mail protruding from her elderly neighbor's mailbox and several rolled up newspapers on his doorstep, she feels terrible. What if he is hurt inside his house and she didn't notice. She finds the back door ajar, but no Mr. Henry. When the police arrive, Shannon is told that they must wait 24 hours to begin a search. That's when Shannon decides to search Mr. Henry's home for clues to his whereabouts, and while looking through his desk, she finds something startling: a Nazi flag. Mr. Henry has other Nazi memorabilia and documents in his home so Shannon begins researching the terrible history of Hitler's reign. When Neil Henry, Mr. Henry's grandson arrives, Shannon shares with him what she has learned and that she has already received a threat-a warning to stop looking for his grandfather. Neil and Shannon decide to do what the police have not been able to do. Find an old man who may have discovered a Nazi secret. A secret so dangerous, it may have cost him his freedom and even his life. Their journey takes Shannon to places she never imagined, including the underbelly of the Aryan Nation Compound. They uncover the plans of the Neo-Nazi group, and discover a secret in Nazi history so shocking it could change the civilized world.

eBook The Power

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