Miss Nelson Has a Field Day (Miss Nelson, #3)

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Miss Nelson Has a Field Day (Miss Nelson, #3) PDF ebook download • This book is from a series about one special teacher named Miss Nelson. In this story, the whole school is down in the dumps including the "Smedley Tornadoes" football team. Everyone is worried about losing the big Thanksgiving game against their rivals the Central Werewolves. Coach Armstrong goes home sick with the measles and a new teacher Viola Swamp steps in as temporary coach of the football team. Miss Swamp was an expert in football and whips the team into shape. When Coach Armstrong returns from his illness just in time for the big game, he is shocked to discover how much the players have improved. They end up winning the game 77 to 3 and it is revealed that Miss Swamp is actually Miss Nelson's twin sister.

• This book has the characteristics of a picture book because each page has a large picture with just a couple of lines of text. The language is very simple but still effectively tells the story.

• This book is a good text to open a discussion about not giving up. The football team was very discouraged by the negative attitudes of peers and teachers in the school as well as their own. They had decided to give up, but all it took was one individual who pushed them to practice and work towards a goal.

• This book is probably for grades K-3. It has comical dialogue and exaggerated illustrations. There are several of books in this particular series which makes it ideal for children that prefer books that have familiarity and continuity.

eBook Miss Nelson Has a Field Day (Miss Nelson, #3)

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