Nothing But Trouble (Kevin Kerney, #10)

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Nothing But Trouble (Kevin Kerney, #10) PDF ebook download Not one of McGarrity's best but an interesting read, nevertheless.This is the 10th entry in the Kevin Kearny adventures, all of which have been pretty solid stories.

As background: Kearny is the chief of police in Santa Fe, NM, married to Sara Brannon, a career military woman. In this volume,a sub-plot involving Sara takes up a good part of the story and, in truth, is more interesting than the major plot.

The story begins when Kearny is visited by a high school buddy - a black sheep - who is now producing a movie.He hires Kearny as a law-enforcement consultant as the movie is being shot in New Mexico. On his way to the movie site, Kearny stumbles across a dead body and gets involved in an immigrant smuggling investigation as well as a cigarette smuggling operation.

Far too much time is spent on describing both the scenery and the movie-making process.There are a few interesting characters, particularly the local sheriff and the usual Federal law enforcement jerks that often appear in stories of this sort.The ending is sort of inconclusive and disappointing.

It would be a mistake, though, to avoid the whole series based on this one book.

eBook Nothing But Trouble (Kevin Kerney, #10)

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