Golden Lady

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Lovely, irresistible, Amanda's golden beauty made all men notice her ... and desire her. Tragedy had driven her to the elegant bordello where the rich men of San Francisco sought young ladies schooled in pleasure's art. Desperation led her to opulent evenings with men of means ... and shameful nights when she sold what only love can truly give.

Then fate brought Amanda the one man able to claim her heart. A handsome Mexican aristocrat, his temper as hot as the passion that swept her into his arms, Esteban believed her lies about her past. His powerful hands claimed her silken flesh for his own, his unbending honor demanded she surrender not as a lover but as a virgin bride. And because a woman will risk everything for ecstasy — even a dangerous deception — Amanda dared a terrible betrayal and a man's deadly rage to whisper only yes ... yes I will ... yes.

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