The Virtuous Knight

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The Virtuous Knight PDF ebook download One thought consumed her: escape! Lucy Kendal would do anything to leave the convent she'd called home since girlhood. But never had she dreamed the world contained such danger — and such desire — as she'd experienced firsthand. Though Sir Alexander Breton had rescued her countless times, he also stirred in her a sense of wildness — something he was honor bound never to fulfill!

One emotion compelled him: grief! Widowed knight Alexander Breton had gone crusading to retreat from sorrow. Indeed, he was to take monastic vows after fulfilling a sacred quest for a dying friend. But fate decreed he would instead find Lucy Kendal, the brave, beauteous innocent, who needed protection...and needed him!

Harlequin Historical #681, November, 2003.

eBook The Virtuous Knight

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