Lullaby in Lone Creek (Lone Creek Ranch, #2)

PDF-file by Mary Manners

Lullaby in Lone Creek (Lone Creek Ranch, #2) PDF ebook download In eight seconds Dalton Merrill's professional bull riding days—and the fame he enjoyed—ended. When the adrenaline-junkie returns to Lone Creek Ranch to heal, he discovers a single reckless romp with sweet Emilee Walker has left her with more than a little heartbreak. She’s carrying his child. The last thing he wants is to be tied down with a wife and a son.

Emilee Walker trusted Dalton with her heart, and he left her for the rodeo. She wanted Dalton to return home, but not like this. Now she wonders if it's responsibility or love that holds him on Lone Creek. This time she vows to show him what family ties and faith in God really means.

eBook Lullaby in Lone Creek (Lone Creek Ranch, #2)

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