The Death Zone

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The Death Zone PDF ebook download A lover’s revenge at 28,000 feet can be a cold bitch!

Elisa James has been climbing mountains since she was a teenager, but the one she has yet to conquer is the mother of them all...Mount Everest. Finally getting the chance to join an expedition that has their sights set on the Goddess, she cannot resist.

When she meets the team, Elisa is shocked to discover that Ryan Holbrook and his ex-girlfriend Maci Alexander, a novice climber, are also on the expedition. Three years earlier, Holbrook was climbing with the love of Elisa’s life and she is convinced the bastard left her girlfriend to die.

Furious, Elisa demands that Holbrook, based on his reputation of being a dangerous and reckless climber, be removed from the team, but her request is denied. So Elisa puts her plan in motion. If Holbrook could use the mountain to commit murder, she would use it for revenge. However, things can quickly change on the Goddess and when an unexpected storm roars in, Elisa finds herself teamed with Holbrook’s ex in an all-out fight for survival.

“Every woman and man for themselves” is a mantra that every climber knows, but as the two women fight for their lives, fear is not the only emotion they begin to feel.

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Actual Story Word Count: 147,000
Page Count: 498

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