First Kill

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First Kill PDF ebook download First Kill is the second of five stories from, Ancient Mariners, a dark coming-of-age novel for adults and mature young adults.

Beth, now 16, and her crewmate, Silas, 45, have lost their families to violence. They sail the South Pacific, seeking solace for their grief.
They are enjoying a rare pleasant night with new friends on their yacht anchored in a secluded tropical anchorage in the Philippines. But bad men intrude with more on their mind than money. To avoid tragedy, Beth must act, because Death has a task for them, leading eventually to an act of revenge that will free Beth and Silas from their grief and turn Beth into anything but a "normal" teenage girl.
Is Beth Portman the next Lisbeth Salander, Katniss Everdeen, Vanessa Michael Munroe?

eBook First Kill

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