Man Friday

PDF-file by Kevin L. O'Brien

Man Friday PDF ebook download Dame Differel Van Helsing has survived the attempted coup by her aunt, Miranda Pendragon, and has released Vlad Tepes Drakulya and claimed him as her quasi-slave. She is now ready to take over the directorship of the Caerleon Order and defend the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Nations from all paranormal threats.

Unfortunately, she is not yet out of danger. There are other forces that seek to destroy her before she can consolidate her position, and Aunt Mandy almost certainly had confederates. Any one of them could strike at any moment.

On top of all that, she knows very little about the capabilities and skills of her own staff. Though her father trusted and relied on them, she can't know if they would be a help or a hindrance in a crisis. Even Aelfraed her butler, his sister Mrs. Widget, and her bodyguard Mr. Holt, despite the risk to their own lives, would have arrived too late to save her from her treacherous aunt. Can she truly depend upon them?

And then there is Vlad. Potentially her most powerful asset, he could also be her most dangerous liability. Nothing short of divine intervention could stop him from destroying her and the Order if he so chose. Can she fully trust him? If she cannot, should she re-imprison him or destroy him? And if the latter, how?

eBook Man Friday

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