Heart Speaks to Heart

PDF-file by Wendy M. Wright

Heart Speaks to Heart PDF ebook download "The Salesian tradition is a treasure many Christians have yet to discover. Heart Speaks to Heart introduces this unique spirituality in its historical length and global breadth." Francis de Sales and Jane de Chantal, its charismatic seventeenth-century founders, envisioned a transformed world of conjoined human and divine hearts. They taught that through the practice of the little virtues, spiritual friendship, prayer and service to one another, the hearts of each "Theotimus" or Philothia" (God-lovers) can be transformed and the gentle heart of Jesus live anew. A diffuse but readily recognizable spiritual sensibility, the Salesian vision influenced remarkable numbers of Christians, lay and religious alike, over the course of four centuries. As Wendy M. Wright shows, this is a tradition of great spiritual vitality with a particular relevance and power to inspire Christians today.

eBook Heart Speaks to Heart

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